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What is WALS™?

WALS™ is the newest of PS Furniture’s solutions for the modern world. Portable, functional, and aesthetic. All of these terms accurately describe WALS. High-quality and lightweight screens designed for the modern office, WALS provide a portable space-creating solution. Designed by Shea +Latone, WALS puts a premium on functionality without sacrificing a sleek, modern look.

WALS redefines our idea of a portable space. In the modern office, versatility holds enormous value. Shifting away from the cubicle-dominated office design of the past, executives and managers around the world are pivoting to a more open office layout. But while open spaces may promote an atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie, some woks still requires a little privacy.

WALS is the solution for the forward thinking, for those who are open to the idea of a fluid, creative environment but not quite willing to abandon privacy wholesale. WALS preserves the best of the open office layout while providing attractive and wholly portable spaces for smaller group collaboration.

Crafted from PS Furniture’s proprietary lightweight composite core, WALS is layered in high-quality acoustic dampening materials. With a highly attractive double-wheeled design, rolling WALS in and out of any space is made simple and easy. No matter where collaboration happens, WALS is there to frame the space and provide acoustic control.

Don’t let this short profile of PS Furniture’s newest solution limit your imagination. We recommend WALS for any and every situation. From the collaborative environment of a classroom to the highly dynamic yet private atmosphere of the modern clinic, WALS works.

For more information about WALS or any other aspects of PS Furniture’s ever-developing line of modern furniture solutions, go to or by calling 1.800.762.0415.

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