Scissor Fold In Half Rolling Table

Scissor™ Vertical Fold-In-Half Rolling Tables

Make large tables possible anywhere…

When your work or learning space is cramped or odd shaped, Scissor Tables from PS Furniture are the solution. Choose from hexagon, oval, round, square or rectangular shapes.  Because Scissor tables fold in half vertically, large tables can be rolled into small rooms and setup


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  • Center-folding conference, dining and multi-purpose table on casters
  • Zero pinch points for safety
  • Fits through doorways and in elevators
  • Linear Edge Profile
  • Please note: Scissor Table tops and bases are sold separately and need to be paired together to get the final product and price.

Color Options

  • Top: Choose any Formica® or Wilsonart® laminate surface. Non-Standard laminates are available, but may have a longer lead times and a price difference. Please call for a quote.
  • Edge: Matching Edge Band (exact laminate match)
  • Base: Cast aluminum column with matte black powdercoat and matte black feet (the S-M-OVAL-79-BL-PA base for 72” Rectangle and Oval Tops will have polished aluminum feet while supplies last)

Shapes & Sizes

  • Round: 55″, 60″ or 63″
  • Hexagon: 55″, 60″ or 63″
  • Square: 48″ x 48″
  • Oval: 48″ x 79″
  • Rectangle: From 30″ x 72″ to 48″ X 96″