Scissor Tables™

The PS Furniture Scissor Table™ is a unique blend of sleek aesthetics, versatility, and technology. This one-of-a-kind center folding conference, dining, and multi-purpose table allows a single-user to fold the table from the center without any pinch-points for safety. They also fold compactly, which allows them to fit through any doorway or elevator! Scissor Table tops and bases are sold separately.


Scissor Tables are self-contained mobile conference, break room or utility tables. Scissor’s distinctively engineered fold-in-half mechanism enables 1-2 people to completely change a conference, meeting or break room space. The largest Scissor table is 4’ x 8’, so multiple scissor tables can make a very large temporary conference or meeting table. In addition to rectangular, Scissor tables are also available in round, hexagon, square and oval shapes.


  • Center-folding conference, dining and multi-purpose table on casters
  • Zero pinch points for safety
  • Fits through doorways and in elevators
  • Linear Edge Profile
  • Please note: Scissor Table tops and bases are sold separately and need to be paired together to get the final product and price.

Color Options

  • Top: Choose any Formica® or Wilsonart® laminate surface. Non-Standard laminates are available, but may have a longer lead times and a price difference. Please call for a quote.
  • Edge: Linear Edge Profile; Black or Matching Edge Color (1000s of edge colors)
  • Base: Cast aluminum column with matte black powdercoat and matte black feet (the S-M-OVAL-79-BL-PA base for 72” Rectangle and Oval Tops will have polished aluminum feet while supplies last)

Shapes & Sizes

  • Round: 55″, 60″ or 63″
  • Hexagon: 55″, 60″ or 63″
  • Square: 48″ x 48″
  • Oval: 48″ x 79″
  • Rectangle: From 30″ x 72″ to 48″ X 96″