Premier Comfort Sled Stacking Chair

PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs

PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs (PS Furniture Model PC500) were designed for long term seated comfort. They also excel is several other important ways (see Features below).


  • Ample Dimensions
    • PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs have larger dimensions for individuals of all sizes. Seat width and depth far exceed economy stacking chairs at 17.5” W, 17” D. Chair back height is 13.75” for comfort of tall people.
  • Superbly Comfortable Design
    • Contours of PremierComfort chair’s seat and back are designed and molded for comfort, with a “waterfall” seat front easy on legs and amazing waterfall seat sides to accommodate larger people.
  • Compact Stacking & Storage
    • PremierComfort Sled Stacking Chairs are made to move quickly and store densely. PC500 chairs stack up to 30 high. Our PC500 dolly occupies only 6 square feet of floor space and total storage displacement fully stacked is only 34 cubic feet.
  • Perfectly Secure Chair Feet
    • Stacking chair feet that fall off are painful.  Chairs no longer sit level. Worse, they risk damaging expensive flooring surfaces. PS Furniture’s PC500 chair feet will never fall off, relying on a mechanical attachment that is literally perfect.
  • Easiest Ganging in the World
    • Interlock the frames to securely gang a row of chairs. No way for ganged chairs to come apart, no plastic ganging pieces to fall off and get lost. Amazing.