NIMA Stacking Chairs



Sit like you’ve never sat before.

At PS Furniture, we believe that something you sit in ought to be comfortable. NIMA delivers stunning comfort for every body type, because of Giancarlo Piretti’s amazingly engineered articulating seat back. When you lean against this seat back, it flexes uniquely for you/your body/your comfort.

Featuring Piretti’s Patented
Articulating Seat Back
Whether stools, task chairs or stacking chairs, NIMA’s patented pivot back delivers the same unique-to-every-body-type seated comfort

Nima Offers a Family of Seating Options
NIMA presents a family of seating options.

Perfect Stacking and Perfect Cart
Every NIMA chair model (other than task chairs) stacks perfectly. NIMA sled base chairs stack up to 20 high on a dolly or 5-6 high on the floor.

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