Stacking Chairs

Stacking Chairs

The perfect chair for any gathering.

We’ve been making chairs since 1919 for customers of every kind. Our people who will consult with you are deeply skilled in products and situations/clientele served. We also understand budgets. Please schedule a consultation. You won’t be disappointed.

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The Acton Stacker®

Love your Back!

At PS Furniture, we believe something you sit in ought to be comfortable​

Acton is possibly the most comfortable stacking chair in the world​

Concave back and S-shaped seat makes Acton outrageously comfortable​

With unsurpassed selection of 16 Standard Plastic colors and 7 Frame colors plus Chrome.


A beautiful family of seating.

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti​

A triumph of engineering and style

Stunning comfort for every body type, resulting from Piretti’s patented articulating back​

Sled Stacking Chairs

At PS Furniture, we believe something you sit in ought to be comfortable​

PremierComfort is extraordinarily comfortable for people of all sizes

Featuring a contoured seat and a tall seat back, PremierComfort stacking chairs are a perfect choice

A beautiful family of seating.

NIMA® by Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Piretti is as charming as he is talented.

His pioneering design and engineering on the pivot point of NIMA’s flex back makes Giancarlo’s NIMA remarkably different and comfortable. Plus the chair itself is beautiful. In this sense, NIMA is distinctively Italian.

La famiglia.

NIMA is a family of seating, perfect for training rooms to showrooms. If your wish for seating in your space is a (handsome) “family look”, NIMA is the perfect choice.