Time Again to Gather!

In early 2020, COVID upended our lives and those around the world. This viral scourge caused untold personal loss and meant physical separation for most. No events, no in person meetings, no gathering without prophylactic social distancing. For those who thrive on social gathering, the last few years have been stifling.


With great joy and rejoicing, most of this social separation is now behind us. This article is about Receptions of all kinds. Next to meetings, Receptions are probably the most common form of gathering. The greatest thing about Receptions is their human warmth J. Do meetings have any of this L, you decide.


Often, Receptions involve food or drink. They can be planned or spontaneous, with work, school or social colleagues or friends, serving hundreds or just a few. Any kind of social place – worship, work, education, play –may have flexible space where Receptions can be held. Now that we can gather again, it is time for making Receptions an all-the-time thing.


One of the challenges with Receptions – even for those with flexible spaces – is furniture.  Many Receptions are standing events, some involve temporary sitting, some are super casual with comfortable sitting (watch out for naps!). The problem with the latter is that the soft seating required is not suitable for flexible spaces. It does not move, get put aside or away easily.


We prefer “instant receptions” where sitting or standing tables, chairs, or bar height stools, can be rolled out, stacked, and put back into storage. PS Furniture has a 20 table Reception package for round reception tables. Roll this out from storage into an open space and voila, instant gathering/reception. This Reception package includes 20 each interchangeable columns for sitting or standing heights along with bases into which columns literally and securely drop into place. Remarkably, all this fits in a 10 square foot rolling cart for easy and spontaneous (or not) Receptions or other types of gatherings.


Stacking stools or stacking chairs are the perfect complement to Reception tables to enable instant receptions in flexible spaces. There are many different models of stacking chairs or event seating.  Often, a cheap price is a major consideration. We think this is a terrible idea. Something you sit in needs to be comfortable and functional for its purpose.  Soft seating is very comfortable, but utterly impractical for spontaneous Receptions in flexible spaces. Stacking chairs or stools are practical, but some, especially the cheaper versions, can be terribly uncomfortable. To choose a chair, sit in it for 4 hours.  If after 4 hours, you are still comfortable, you’ve made a good choice.  Some sit in a chair for only a few minutes, giving your body no time to signal “stop!”


Gathering is wonderful. Even introverts need it now and then.  Time to gather again!! Some will prefer meetings L. The more fun people will prefer Receptions J. Prepare your people and space for instant and spontaneous receptions.