Italian Design in Stacking Seating

NIMA is one of Italian designer Giancarlo Piretti latest creations. NIMA offers its own symmetrical beauty, while featuring Piretti’s proprietary torsion flex back.

In 2021, there are many stacking chairs from which to choose. For many, their most conspicuous feature is a low price. For Giancarlo Piretti and his seating designs including NIMA, “price” is the least of his considerations.

Symmetry – NIMA has this, the essence of physical beauty, and yet unexpected in a stacking seating line. This is why Giancarlo himself is quoted in his video as “you have to see the chair!”.

The Torsion Flex Difference – With most stacking chairs, the best one can hope for is some “give” when leaning back. This explains the popularity of mesh back stacking seating. At least this feature offers some “give” when the seated person leans back. But this is crude comfort versus Piretti’s “torsion flex” seat back. The amazing, indeed brilliant, thing about Piretti’s torsion flex seat back is that it differs for each person sitting in his chairs or stools.

Giancarlo Piretti’s torsion flex NIMA seating line complements its symmetrical beauty with engineering brilliance. For NIMA, he has designed a pivot mechanism that adjusts its force depending on the force being applied to the seat back. In effect, the torsion flex mechanism holds up the person seated so the person seated neither slumps back nor is forced into an uncomfortable upright position. The result is perfect comfort.

“Perfect Comfort” is not about price, so do not be surprised when your NIMA seating is more expensive than lesser designed stacking seating. You will be consoled each time you or your patrons look at or sit on your NIMA chairs.

NIMA seating is brought to you by PS Furniture, and we are honored to do so. Choose from a wide and curated range of options– from sled, 4-leg and swivel base desk height chairs to 4-leg counter height and bar height stools – to swivel base stools. And choose from a dizzying array of curated upholstery, color, and finish choices.

PS Furniture’s NIMA seating line. Divine proportions and brilliant engineering. Brought to you by Giancarlo Piretti.