Fellow Americans, why are we so keen on buying the lowest price product?

In 1979 the U.S. and China reestablished diplomatic relations and signed a bilateral trade agreement.   Since that time, Americans have become intoxicated on low prices. Our mass merchants like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, etc. have acted as dealers for this low-price drug. But the addiction spread quickly to commercial customers, even universities, corporations, and “mega-churches”, which can afford better. Our business is portable seating, notably stacking chairs, also known as compact stack chairs, and folding chairs. We love stacking chairs, since anyone, any age or size, can sit comfortably in our Acton or NIMA® stacking chairs. And compact stacking chairs stack easily and roll away, into storage in a compact cart. We believe that anything you sit in ought to be comfortable, we also believe in the power of innovation and design to make products, even compact stack chairs more comfortable, more flexible, more durable, better looking, etc.   Compact stacking chairs sold in America are now mostly cheap, uncomfortable stack chairs made in China or somewhere else in Asia where workers can be paid $1.00/hour. Americans get 4 things from buying these cheap, mostly China manufactured stacking chair products:

  1. A cheap purchase price
  2. An uncomfortable place to sit
  3. A subsistence wage for someone in China
  4. Factories in china powered by burning coal that spews more carbon into our atmosphere.

WHY ARE WE BUYING CHEAP, CRUMMY, MADE-IN-CHINA STACKING CHAIRS? Well-made and well-designed stack chairs will last a commercial customer 10-20 years. The cheap stacking chair will last much less than 10 years and as a bonus, your people (workers, clients, visitors) get years of sitting uncomfortably and homely looking chairs.