All Chairs are NOT created equal

We all spend time sitting – at work, at events, at worship services, at home. Most of us spend more time sitting than standing, which makes sense since our bodies’ strongest and longest muscle group is our Glutes, commonly referred to as hips or butt.


Our business just turned 104 years old and seating, notably stacking chairs, event seating, and swivel base chairs are focal products. In fact, our company, PS Furniture, was originally founded in 1919 as the Snyder Chair Company whose one product was event seating. Our principal competition now is inexpensive imported stacking chairs, mostly manufactured in China.


Chairs have come a long way since the wood folding event chair that launched what is now PS Furniture. Anyone, any age, or size, can sit comfortably in our well-designed seating products. At PS Furniture, we believe that any chair you sit in ought to be comfortable and if seated for a long time, superbly comfortable. We also believe in the power of innovation and design to make exceptional seating products.


For comfort when working or studying and sitting for long periods, PS Furniture just introduced our Signature Series Desk or Office Chairs. This line of Desk Chairs is focused on simplicity and choice.  Signature Series is comprised of 3 models, a simple choice of numbers 1, 2, and 3 offers different levels of adjustment options. And all Signature Series Office Chair models come with a swivel base and are offered in a wide range of fabrics and 3 colors (White, Gray, and Black). We feel very strongly about the basic idea behind Signature Series. Your study or work chair should be just the way you want it.  Your office, your choice, your signature.


Acton Stacker Armless

For sitting shorter periods but still more than a few minutes, we love stacking chairs and here again, seated comfort and design are inseparable. Stack chairs are normally used in flexible, often large spaces where furniture is frequently moved and many people are seated. To stack compactly, PS Furniture’s Acton Stacker® or NIMA® chairs fit together perfectly, enabling easy stacking and then the movement of many chairs in specially designed carts.  And both Acton and NIMA offer a wide range of plastic colors, frame finish, and upholstered fabric options, from a basic black stacking chair to a sled base stacking chair in pomegranate.


Well-made and well-designed chairs not only look better and sit much more comfortably, but they will also last commercial customer years.  Signature Series Office Chairs offer simplicity, choice, and exceptional comfort in the chair where we spend most of our seated time.  Acton and NIMA stacking chairs were amazingly well designed to do everything well they are intended to do.  Sit comfortably, stack well, gang well, and look sharp.