Groove® Semi-Permanent Outdoor Flooring

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PS Furniture is now the exclusive stocking distributor* for Groove Semi-Permanent/Outdoor Flooring! Groove flooring uses state-of-the-art technology to produce visually stunning surfaces that can replicate ANY high-resolution digital image from corporate logos to barn board. The flooring goes down quickly to dramatically transform any under-tent or outdoor space – see the installation video below!  Call us for more information today!

*Call for details


In addition to the traditional wood grain designs (Early American Barnboard, Gray Barnboard and White Pickled Cedar) pictured below in our Resources Brochure and Photo Gallery, here are just a few of the high resolution, nature-inspired designs that Groove® has to offer including Grass, Black Pebble, Natural Pebble, Sand and Flag Stone:


  • Groove® 2-Step Installation involves less labor and fewer installers than traditional event sub flooring.
  • Groove’s panels are 4’x8’ which is 32 sq. ft. of coverage per panel.
  • Groove Flooring is semi-permanent so it can be left in place for weeks at a time (saving you more in labor costs).
  • Groove’s state-of-the-art technology produces visually stunning surfaces that can replicate ANY high-resolution digital image from corporate logos to barn board.
  • Groove dramatically transforms any under-tent or outdoor space.
  • Available in two beautiful wood grain surface colors – call for other options!
  • The complete floor set-up requires support stringers, hardware and trim – as each application is unique.
  • Please request quote for miscellaneous items, installation supervision and or installation labor.
  • It is recommended to buy as many panels needed for your largest contiguous installation and to keep flooring separated from order to order. When buying brand new panels with the same color/design please note that they may not match the older panels 100% due to exposure and wear & tear.


Color Options:

  • Available in 3 standard, beautiful, wood grain surface colors:
    • Early American Barnboard
    • Gray Barnboard
    • White Pickled Cedar
  • Also available in 3 beautiful, stone design colors (call for details):
    • Flag Stone
    • Reclaimed Brick
    • Colored River Stones
  • Custom Designs: ANY high-resolution digital image

Size Options:

  • Many tent floor sizes and layout options available:
    • Fred’s Stillwater Tents
    • Aztec Tidewater
    • Rectangle
    • Call for details!



Installation Video