Our WALS™ Create Private Work Spaces

WALS™ are high-quality, portable lightweight, acoustical panels that can be easily positioned to create private areas. They work to make a larger open concept space more private, more your “own”. WALS™ not only provide visual privacy but also help control noisy environments through the use of a patented Revolution® core technology. WALS™ is made of a proprietary lightweight composite core wrapped in layers of acoustic materials. This carefully studied “sandwich” of materials provides optimal acoustic damping in a panel that is remarkably thin and very easy to move to your specifications. WALS™ is strong and stiff but incredibly light and easy to roll (with wheels and an attached handle) in and out of any situation. You can have your own space, not feel crowded and be able to work in a quieter place.


When we need to be careful of our surroundings yet perhaps work in an office, to be able to collaborate, WALS™ is a great solution to a social distancing problem. You are “there”, you can “share” in person, but still have a work space that is apart (and quieter). WALS™ is an iF Design Award winning product that is permanently featured in the iF Design Museum in Hamburg, Germany.