PS takes SF

Today we want to celebrate a special installation that PS Furniture had the privilege of working on at the Airbnb headquarters. As you’ll see, this project featured some of PS Furniture’s newest and most cutting-edge furniture solutions and we hope that you’ll be as excited by this as we are. If nothing else, it shows PS Furniture’s continuously developing applications and the numerous avenues we pursue to bring the best furniture solutions to customers around the globe.


Airbnb is a global hospitality leader. There’s no doubt about that. Look at how the PS Furniture pieces highlight and capture this space. Try to view this installation through an Airbnb-specific lens. The PS Furniture Rev IC Tables serve to perfectly divvy up space. The result is a variety of workable areas within the larger space.


At PS Furniture we love working with companies like Airbnb. Furniture serves many more functions than we give it credit for, and we think  Airbnb understands that. Here is a company that has taken hundreds of thousands of spaces that were never intended as destinations, they’ve sought out the uniqueness of each area, and oriented their approach around that flexibility. At PS Furniture, we do the same.


We hope you have enjoyed this short post and we look forward to discussing our installation further! Be sure to comment or post with your favorite flexible spaces, as well as any other inspiring installations.