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November's Hot Item of the Month: PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs

1. PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs are made to move quickly and store densely. Model PC500 chairs stack up to 30 high on a dolly that occupies only 5 square feet of floor space.

2. We offer true color match. Aside from the six stock colors and our seven special colors, we will match to the specific color to be paired with your color plate.

3. Our PremierComfort® Dolly is heavy duty steel with 2 swivel casters and 2 fixed wheels, plus there is no assembly of this product.

4. Logo stamping is a great way to personalize your chair, stamped directly into the plastic chair back.

5.Optional integral frame ganging is available for PremierComfort® Sled Stacking Chairs for venues requiring straight rows and the added safety of ganged chairs.

If you have any further questions on the PremierComforter® Sled Stacking Chairs, feel free to reach out.

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