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Müm Design: Shea+Latone & Union

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent PS Furniture blog posts, then you’ll know a little bit about the designers of PS’ newest dynamic furniture solution: Müm. Those designers, of course, are none other than Union Design the creative product licensing division of Shea+Latone Design Development, based out of East Greenville, Pennsylvania. At PS Furniture, we know that our business is built on products that provide solutions. In order to provide continuous furniture solutions, as PS has over its nearly one hundred-year history, there’s a certain need for innovation. And that’s why, with this blog post, I want to take a little bit of time to talk about Union Design and Shea+Latone, the designers behind the innovation that keeps PS moving.

Shea+Latone is the brainchild of Bill Shea and Tom Latone, who had collaborated throughout the 1980’s in product development for renowned furniture design company Knoll International. After 18 years of building a successful design development and prototyping business, Tom and Bill retired and sold the business to three long time employees, Cory Brechbill, Shaun Smith, and Jeff Theesfeld. These new partners have built upon the development, prototyping, testing and engineering services of Shea+Latone and started Union Design. Union creates innovative design concepts and licenses these designs to others, like PS Furniture, for manufacturing.

Located in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, Shea+Latone and Union sit right in the heart of the little known international modern design scene. And their work reflects it. Aside from the innovative designs they license to PS, such as Müm, the product development and engineering division, Shea+Latone, has brought that same level of insight and knowledge to many different industries. Be it the furniture, medical, industrial and consumer product industries, you can be sure to find Shea+Latone’s work at the forefront of modern design.

Here at PS, we’re proud of the people we work with. One good look at a product like Müm is all a person needs to be convinced of the design prowess of a firm like Union and Shea+Latone. It is our hope that through the relationships we create today, such as that with Shea+Latone, we will be able to continue providing innovative furniture solutions for years to come.

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