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Sep 13, 2017, 2:24 PM

PS Furniture’s solutions are trying to help people better manage the proliferation of “flexible spaces”. In this post, we explore the creation of our latest portable acoustical wall product, asking, “Where did WALS™ come from?” we hope you’ll read on to find out more.

Like Müm, WALS embodies the form-is-function design philosophy of Union Design and its parent, Shea + Latone. Partner Jeff Theesfield says WALS started out much like PS Furniture’s perch seat, Müm: with a search for a better answer.

Shea + Latone noticed that the traditional mobile partition was “4 wheels on a stationary panel”. WALS, in contrast, is dictated solely by its function. The panel size is based on eye height to maximize privacy. The two wheels opposite the handle ensure little weight to lift, creating effortless mobility. The large wheels are not only a design statement, but easily roll over thresholds and are visible enough to not pose a tripping hazard. Plus, all panel materials were chosen to optimize acoustic dampening.

WALS is not another partition on casters. WALS is highly mobile acoustical privacy on wheels that enables the creation of private spaces.

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Aug 23, 2017, 3:24 PM

Thanks for joining us at MetroCon 2017! Even if you couldn't make it to the show, here's a peak at what you missed. We hope to see all of you next year at MetroCon 2018, back in Dallas, Texas, August 9 & 10.

Aug 15, 2017, 11:07 AM

WALS™ is the newest of PS Furniture’s solutions for the modern world. Portable, functional, and aesthetic. All of these terms accurately describe WALS. High-quality and lightweight screens designed for the modern office, WALS provide a portable space-creating solution. Designed by Shea +Latone, WALS puts a premium on functionality without sacrificing a sleek, modern look.

WALS redefines our idea of a portable space. In the modern office, versatility holds enormous value. Shifting away from the cubicle-dominated office design of the past, executives and managers around the world are pivoting to a more open office layout. But while open spaces may promote an atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie, some woks still requires a little privacy.

WALS is the solution for the forward thinking, for those who are open to the idea of a fluid, creative environment but not quite willing to abandon privacy wholesale. WALS preserves the best of the open office layout while providing attractive and wholly portable spaces for smaller group collaboration.

Crafted from PS Furniture’s proprietary lightweight composite core, WALS is layered in high-quality acoustic dampening materials. With a highly attractive double-wheeled design, rolling WALS in and out of any space is made simple and easy. No matter where collaboration happens, WALS is there to frame the space and provide acoustic control.

Don’t let this short profile of PS Furniture’s newest solution limit your imagination. We recommend WALS for any and every situation. From the collaborative environment of a classroom to the highly dynamic yet private atmosphere of the modern clinic, WALS works.

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Jul 27, 2017, 12:29 PM

PS Furniture is thrilled to announce the winners of our “Picture Yourself on a Mum” contest.The winners were chosen from everyone who appeared sitting on a Mum in a picture posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn with the hashtags #PSFURNITURE and #NEOCON2017.

Each winner was allowed to spec their own Mum as a prize. The winners are:

Monday: Rochelle K., CA
Müm style: high rocker
Müm base color: DARK
Fabric or Vinyl color: Vinyl Azure
Handle color: Dove leather
Tuesday: Nate J., MI
Müm style: high rock bottom
Müm base color: dark wood
Fabric color: charcoal fabric
Handle color: butterscotch leather
Wednesday: Dalane B., TX
Müm style: Roll base
M¨m base color: dark wood
Fabric color: Turquoise fabric
Handle color: Dark Chocolate leather

We thank everyone who entered the contest or visited us at our booth during NeoCon 2017. Click here to see some of our other favorite contest entrees. To learn more about Mum, click here.

Jul 13, 2017, 2:13 PM

PS Furniture is proud to announce that WALS – their new line of wheeled acoustical lightweight screens – has won a HiP Award from Interior Design Magazine at NeoCon 2017.

According to their official website, “Interior Design's HiP at NeoCon Awards is a recognition program Honoring Industry People and Innovative Products. This unique initiative honors commercial industry pioneers and achievement in product applications.” WALS won a HiP award in the Workplace: Standing Partitions category. Award details are available here:

WALS are high-quality, portable partitions that can easily be positioned to create private areas within a larger open concept space.

To help control noisy environments, WALS are made of a lightweight composite core wrapped in layers of acoustic materials. To reduce visual distractions, every wall stands several inches higher than a standard cubicle wall. Plus, PS Furniture’s patented Revolution® core technology means that WALS are strong and stiff but incredibly light and easy to move.

WALS come in two configurations:

  • WALS – a single panel unit that is 38 inches long, 70inches high, 1 inch wide andweighs 38lbs.
  • WALS X – a double panel configuration that folds out to 62 inches in length, is 70 inches high, 1 inch wide and weighs 50 lbs

WALS are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. The integrated metal pull handles come in black and silver. And the natural wood wheels are available in white wash, honey, natural wood, cherry and dark brown.

Further product details are available at or by calling 1.800.762.0415.

Jun 29, 2017, 11:20 AM

PS Furniture has served the furniture market for nearly 100 years. Like the family owned and operated companies that make up our clientele, PS Furniture prides itself on its American roots. Most of the products we sell are manufactured on American soil in our Pennsylvania factory. PS Furniture’s core production facility lies in a small town called Conneautville, Pennsylvania. Conneautville and the people who live there embody the very spirit of this country. We want to take this chance to highlight the many ways in which Conneautville, Pennsylvania embodies the heart and soul of PS Furniture.

Located in the heart of Crawford County, Conneautville found its beginnings in 1814 when Alexander Power, a surveyor and engineer, first established the town. The town is almost entirely rural with little industry taking place in the entire county. But since 1919 PS Furniture has been happy to call this industrious corner of Pennsylvania our home. The people of Conneautville are truly some of the brightest representatives of the American spirit.

Diligence, perseverance, and independence. These are all attributes shared by the hardworking residents of Crawford County. From deer hunting to off-roading, to simply putting in a hard day’s work, the people of Conneautville are Americans to their very core. PS Furniture has perennially placed a premium on the values that this country holds dear. It takes a certain stubbornness to endure what this world will throw your way. PS Furniture and the people of Crawford County understand that. But no matter what, as long as this spirit continues to live in the heart of our country, the United States will continue to thrive.

Apr 19, 2017, 10:23 AM

In our small western Pennsylvania town, people get up and go to work, just like you and me. They’re hardworking, patriotic men and women that have called western Pennsylvania their home for generations. It is these men and women who make up the workforce of PS Furniture. It is these men and women that make this company great.

While there are many workers who comprise the backbone of our PS Furniture operation, we want to take this opportunity to highlight one person, in particular. Jan Miller, a PS Furniture veteran of nearly 20 years. Jan perfectly embodies the best qualities of the “American worker” and we are so fortunate to have her with us.

Jan has had an incredibly productive career at PS Furniture, leading departments, leading by example her co-workers and acting as one of our “go to” people when we need someone to master new or challenging processes. For example, Jan is filling the role of our production lead on PS Furniture’s latest product: Müm. If you’ve been following this PS blog, you’ll have heard about this “perch seating” product that is making a big splash in the contract furniture market. Each Müm that PS Furniture ships is constructed and upholstered by Jan personally!

Jan has participated in the production of Müm since the beginning, providing vital production insights throughout the process. It is this commitment to excellence, characteristic of PS Furniture and Jan, that gives us confidence in Müm’s potential.

We are proud of Jan Miller and our long-time association with her. We are an American company with American values and Jan Miller is one of our best.

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Mar 14, 2017, 12:16 PM

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent PS Furniture blog posts, then you’ll know a little bit about the designers of PS’ newest dynamic furniture solution: Müm. Those designers, of course, are none other than Union Design the creative product licensing division of Shea+Latone Design Development, based out of East Greenville, Pennsylvania. At PS Furniture, we know that our business is built on products that provide solutions. In order to provide continuous furniture solutions, as PS has over its nearly one hundred-year history, there’s a certain need for innovation. And that’s why, with this blog post, I want to take a little bit of time to talk about Union Design and Shea+Latone, the designers behind the innovation that keeps PS moving.

Shea+Latone is the brainchild of Bill Shea and Tom Latone, who had collaborated throughout the 1980’s in product development for renowned furniture design company Knoll International. After 18 years of building a successful design development and prototyping business, Tom and Bill retired and sold the business to three long time employees, Cory Brechbill, Shaun Smith, and Jeff Theesfeld. These new partners have built upon the development, prototyping, testing and engineering services of Shea+Latone and started Union Design. Union creates innovative design concepts and licenses these designs to others, like PS Furniture, for manufacturing.

Located in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, Shea+Latone and Union sit right in the heart of the little known international modern design scene. And their work reflects it. Aside from the innovative designs they license to PS, such as Müm, the product development and engineering division, Shea+Latone, has brought that same level of insight and knowledge to many different industries. Be it the furniture, medical, industrial and consumer product industries, you can be sure to find Shea+Latone’s work at the forefront of modern design.

Here at PS, we’re proud of the people we work with. One good look at a product like Müm is all a person needs to be convinced of the design prowess of a firm like Union and Shea+Latone. It is our hope that through the relationships we create today, such as that with Shea+Latone, we will be able to continue providing innovative furniture solutions for years to come.

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Feb 27, 2017, 11:49 AM

Perch seating may be a growing trend in the commercial furniture industry, but what sets Müm apart? What makes Müm stand out in a crowded room, as it did at NeoCon 2016? The answer is simple. The upholstery.

With numerous color options across two distinct material types, the range of expression is endless. Müm is available in Knoll Delite color fabric and Vision Fabrics Midship vinyl. No matter what the backdrop, Müm will fit right in.

Within the Knoll Delite fabric options, consumers have the options of eight distinct colors from orange to charcoal. A favorite of mine is the turquoise. It has a chic modern feel that makes it stand out and blend in at the same time. For the 100% vinyl upholstery, manufactured by Vision Fabrics, the color options are as diverse as royal blue, almond, and Azure. For those whose color-needs are not met by the preexisting options, PS will also offer custom color options in both material types.

Whatever your furniture needs, PS is committed to providing a solution. Müm’s upholstery, while ascetically pleasing, assists in providing that solution. From fabric to vinyl, the upholstery will withstand and stand out through countless spills, accidents, and crises. Each option has something unique to offer the consumer.

PS Furniture is committed to offering furniture solutions. That is why Müm is COM compliant, to allow for Müm to fit every consumer and designer’s space needs. It is our hope that through a wide range of upholstery options offered across the Müm line, every consumer will be able to walk away satisfied. If you have further questions regarding our COM guidelines check them out here or a customer service agent is standing by via live chat.

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Feb 7, 2017, 11:40 AM

Now that we’ve all been introduced to Müm and the various implementations of touchdown seating in general, its time to take a look at the history of this little “perch”. Müm was originally developed by our collaborative design partners at Union Design, an industrial design firm based in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. For over 18 years Union Design has provided product solutions to various clients on a global scale.

Müm, was originally developed as Mesa. The concept was that, like natural mesas that occur across the American southwest, Müm functions to break up the modern open space of work environments. From classrooms, to conference spaces, hotel lobbies and more, Müm rise above the plain of the open work environment. Union Design is the creative arm of Union Design whose goal is to design innovative products that are unique in aesthetic and function, with the endgame of licensing those designs to a select few manufacturers. Müm is one of those innovative products, and PS one of those manufacturers. This dynamic seat has five different bottom modules that let you choose to rock, rolls or be stationary.

Now that we know what Müm is and where it came from, we have to ask: where is it going? Jeff Theesfield, partner at Union Design, sees Müm as a “perch” seating solution in areas many would never immediately imagine. Studies have demonstrated that children with special needs benefit immensely from increased mobility. The ability to move around, without the constraints of a typical desk and chair setup, allows children to relax and focus on their studies. Mum is space-economical and portable, designed to be moved to facilitate greater collaboration. It’s no wonder then, that Müm recently won gold in the 2016 “Best of Neocon” category of Education Solutions.

While Müm continues to prove itself as a well conceived and designed piece of furniture, more functions and settings will continue to make themselves known.

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